About Us

Andy Eversole, founder

“Peace Through Music. Community Through Creation.”


Our Mission

We are so often told how to live in fear and mistrust of our fellow humans. Banjo Earth comes as a peacemaking effort, to bring the world closer together through the shared value of music, culture, food, and storytelling.


Our Goals

We aim to create the best music, video, and written word possible from our journeys. At once wildly entertaining and soothing, while also inspiring others to get out on their own creative and exploratory paths.


Why Us?

Andy Eversole is uniquely experienced to be leading the Banjo Earth movement. Steeped in Appalachian string band music, he also began exploring the world with a semester in Beijing, China during his college years. This set him on a path of musical and cultural exploration that illuminates everything he does today. Andy is a also a practicing hypnotherapist who is always stretching the boundaries of his perspective and methods of helping humanity.


Our Team

Andy Eversole


Justin Horth


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Solo performance, presentation, film showing, lecture, full band concerts/parties…Liven up any event or organization with the music, learnings, and stories from the journeys of Banjo Earth.

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Phone: +1(336) 508-1528

Contact us at: banjoearth@gmail.com